About Us

The Radio Hyderabad believes in creative, simple and thought through training and communication, irrespective of the medium or the form. The Company has expertise in Radio, print, audio-visual, web, multimedia and films.

Everyday, many ideas cross our minds and we at The Radio Hyderabad believe that if we can view one such idea with a touch of artistry, it can indeed create waves in the field of art and entertainment. A tough task though, with its own set of challenges especially when reality poses stumbling blocks in paucity of proper channels and resources. However at The Radio Hyderabad, we just think that impossible is possible too.

As a part of our creative practice, we utilize our creative energies and latent talents to their optimum in order to realize and transform the visions that visit us each day.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become number one academy and ‘one stop’ for ‘off the beaten track’ courses in India by 2025

Our Mission

✔ To create state of the art infrastructure for the students.
✔ To provide world class and qualitative training so that they achieve their full potential
✔ To help students find suitable career

Our Objectives

✔ To expand the scope of our training to accommodate the projected courses of the academy and its services to the community.
✔ To establish and revamp the online radio station “The Radio Hyderabad.’
✔ To promote the use of digital media as of the largest media platforms among youth.
✔ To provide a one stop platform for youth talent, skills and competencies.
✔ To provide guidance and assistance to the students in finding suitable career opportunities.
✔ To bring out a hip and happening youth magazine covering features like city life, lifestyle, health, career, movies, music, culture etc.
✔ To implement a program of organizational development and growth .
✔ To develop and implement a long range public relations plan, designed to increase the awareness of Hyderabad Academy of Radio and Television and its programs within the larger community.
✔ To have a strong alumni network and organize various festivals through it.
✔ To organize, revise and implement an awareness program about alternative career options in the community for youth/young adults that reflect and include specific values of the academy in general and country in specific.

Why 'Hyderabad Academy of Radio & Television'

'Hyderabad Academy of Radio & Television’ is beyond the usual norms of training and development, career and placement. It’s creative, out of the box and simply flamboyant, flashy and attractive. It aims to provide world class training in the creative fields and communication. In order to make this happen, the academy has

✔ Gigantic space (2000 sft) in the heart land of Hyderabad. Spacious class rooms and practical labs
✔ Terrific ambience to unlearn learn, relearn concepts, theories, and mostly importantly think and do and act under one roof.
✔ State of the art infrastructure, equipment, practical material to have hands on experience.
✔ Extremely trained and proven track record faculty to facilitate the process of learning and action. The faculty is so passionate about what they are doing that they will engulf learners into their domain.
✔ Excellent placement record makes the academy feel proud. More than 100 students from the academy have already been selected as Radio Jockeys at the Rainbow FM (101.9 MHz) radio channel of the ALL INDIA RADIO( Prasar Bharti) Hyderabad. More than 20 members of the academy alumni are working in different visual and satellite channels. As many as 15 alumni are currently engaged in New Media services catering to the online radio stations and content development areas.
✔ Only hyderabad academy of radio and television provides training in tri languages like telugu, urdu/hindi and english